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Connect with Humans

There is so much to learn when it comes to the climate.

Don't let that overwhelm you; we can learn from each other.


We bring in local organizations, game changers & start-ups to share their:

  • ideas

  • experience &

  • know-how with you!

Learn from people making actionable change in our community.

We Need You!

Our goal is to support local start-ups & organizations that are working hard to protect & preserve the local environment. We introduce you to a community where you can share your ideas, get inspired & most importantly, impart positive change.


Have you just launched a company or organization that is working hard to combat climate change?

Are you innovative & thinking about climate in a unique way?

Are you an expert in a field pertaining to climate change?

Are you studying about an issue relating to climate change and wish to share your knowledge with our community?

Fantastic - get in touch!

We would love for you to get in touch and share your ideas with us.

If we think your idea fits within the scope of our values (do no harm to the planet, our people and the creatures that live with us), we will add you to our line up of speakers or mentors for the year. .

Group Think

If you are someone who loves to take a dive deep into climate issues through relevant discussions, but often need a sounding board, this is the place for you. A think tank of sorts, we establish a topic for each discussion and let the ideas run wild. The outcomes will vary from workshop to workshop, but the ideas never cease to flow.


Oh, and we don't think you need fancy letters behind your name to discuss BIG issues.

But if you happen to have those letters, that's fantastic!

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