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Melinda T. Schoutens

Co-Founder and Host

Melinda is the Co-Founder of reVyven, a mother of two, wife, an educator, curriculum designer, published author and thinker.

She’s passionate about many things: life skills obtained from playing sports, writing, education, the natural world, pushing past the boundaries, thinking outside of the box and connecting with others. She’s a collector of ideas, which often leads to ridiculously ambitious goals. She'll take you on a hike or to one of her favorite places in the Alps in the hopes that you too, forge a meaningful connection to the outdoors. It doesn't take much to impress Melinda: a rising sun, an Alpine view, a good conversation, warm coffee or a magical sunset.


Melinda holds a Bachelor of Science in Communications and a Master of Art in Curriculum and Instruction. She is also a certified holistic health coach and working toward a certificate in Sustainability from Wageningen University in Holland. She has a portfolio career that spans from corporate work, to non-profit experience, education and she is the curator of talks on integration, the environment and more.

Melinda believes there is always more room at the table for fresh ideas that propel meaningful action!

Melinda T. Schoutens
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