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Glacé Löööv

Guest Speakers

On November 18, 2023 we met the very local and remarkably sustainable ice cream company Löööv. This team rescues food that would otherwise go to waste and upcycles it into delicious ice cream.

This newly formed company (2021) brings ingenuity to life in a unique way. With a passion for sustainability, a focus on sourcing local products and utilizing recyclable cups (99% paper), we have to say, this is a product that makes sense. Ice cream sourced and made locally is a business concept we can get behind!

Learn how they got started, the "why" behind what they do, and their vision for the future.

Three insights gained from the forum:

  1. Don't overlook your "ice cream machine" moment.

  2. We can all take small steps to minimize food waste.

  3. It's hard to be everything to everyone. Focus on one thing and do that remarkably well.

To learn more about Löööv, visit their website.

Glacé Löööv
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