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Almighty Tree

Guest Speakers

We've known Gilles, founder of Almighty Tree, since 2021 when we had the privilege of partnering for a Fresh Air Kids' tree planting day in Basel-Landschaft. Together with the help of Almighty Tree and volunteers, we were able to plant 100 trees.

Gilles and his sister Aline created Almighty Tree as a way to help support a sustainable future for Switzerland and abroad. By planting trees, Almighty Tree aims to boost the development of forests, create and foster biodiversity and elevate the "wooded heritage" of Switzerland.

Three insights gathered from our conversation:

  1. Ideas present themselves when you least expect them.

  2. Planting trees is a meditative experience.

  3. Moving away from planting one species of tree is essential, especially in today's climate.

To learn more about Almighty Tree, visit their website.

Almighty Tree
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