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Connect with Nature

The idea is very simple: remind people how essential the natural world is to our overall well being by profiling remarkable locations in the Swiss Alps.

Each year we hope to host:

One coed retreat

One all female retreat

One all male retreat

Our retreats are designed to take a small group of experienced hikers (T3 max - white-red-white trails) to the Swiss Alps for

two nights and three days.

We stay in gorgeous, yet simple locations that are far away from the buzz of daily life.

Though we have years of hiking experience & Melinda is First Aid certified, we are NOT acting as Alpine tour guides.

Each individual attending is responsible for themselves.

Glad that's out of the way!

Day 1:

We will hike to our destination (location to be determined). Each night as we gather around the table for meals, we will allow the conversation to flow freely, however, we might guide a specific environmental topic of interest.

Day 2:

Hike & explore the local area

Continue the good stuff; talks & deep discussions

Day 3:

Breakfast & final summary of our deep conversations

Hike down & say our final farewell

We will miss you!

Good to Know...


All accommodation bookings will be made on your behalf.


Meals are simple & delicious Alpine cuisine.

Vegetarians can be accommodated on these trips.

Vegans are more difficult.

Please stipulate your needs in advance.


Costs depend on the location selected and will be disclosed closer to the date.

Accommodations in a shared room, breakfast & dinner for two nights.

Special Note:

All transportation costs are the responsibility of the individual. Lunch is also the responsibility of the hiker. Feel free to pack your own & bring snacks & water.

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